Lisa and Jim Rudolph

Near and Far Photography

Photographs reflect the environment in which they are made. Photographs reflect the impression the photographer has of a scene. Photography, like all art, reflects the background and emotion that a viewer brings to the experience.

One of the most enjoyable parts of what is now the 12th year of our photographic career has been the opportunity to share in the memories and stories that our customers and visitors bring to us. As people spend time enjoying the photographs we have created, we often get to hear their stories, as they reflect. We have heard of picnics in the park as people admire our photographs of the chain of lakes or Minnehaha Falls, mischievous acts of impetuous youth near the Stone Arch Bridge, late night meals at Mickey’s Diner, and memories of happy times spent at many of our other iconic Twin Cities landmarks with beloved friends and relatives.  

We feel truly honored that our work strikes such a chord with people, that they are comfortable sharing a bit of themselves with us, as we share our photographic eye and love of the Twin Cities with them. We all have memories that compose our stories. Our photographic goal is to provide the illustrations.

Our photographs have even been sent and displayed worldwide. Some travel with individuals as a memento of time spent in Minnesota, some find a home with families leaving for an extended period that want to remember, and others are sent as gift to friends, family, and even adult children to remind them of where they began. Near and Far Photography represents the photographic journey of Lisa and Jim Rudolph, a husband and wife team committed to capturing and preserving memories.

Much of our work is presented as photographic giclees, that we produce entirely ourselves with great care and commitment to quality materials. Our hands-on approach to creation allows us to provide a real personal approach to every project. Of course, we offer standard sizes, but we love custom work and projects large or small. We always offer no cost, no obligation consultations in our clients’ homes or businesses to help choose appropriate images, sizes, and personalized touches.  

We also remind our collectors that the photographs help create the mood in the room. The experiences and memories their visitors bring can create a bond that helps clients feel at ease and guests feel at home, as they themselves reflect.

A wide selection of our work is currently on display at artbarn52, a gallery in Edina. Stop in to visit or contact us to arrange a personal consultation at

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