Why Advertise in Exploring TOSCA?

An Attentive Audience

TOSCA is selective with the quantity and quality of ads published in our magazine. Because we don’t overwhelm our readers with ads, they take the ones they do see much more seriously.

Affordable Rates

Let’s face it–advertising rates are usually pretty expensive, and often unaffordable. But not ours! Our competitive rates are crafted to meet the needs of all businesses, not just those with large marketing budgets.

Sustained and Receptive Exposure

People tend to spend more time looking at print advertising than online advertising. And people reading TOSCA magazine will spend more time looking at your ad than ads in other magazines. Why? Because our readers hang on to our magazines and refer to them over and over again.

Magazine Circulation

Online: Exploring TOSCA magazine is sent online through three venues.

Glossy print issue: We also mail a glossy print issue to paid subscribers.

Giftshops, Galleries & Bookstores: Exploring TOSCA magazine is sold in various gift shops, book stores and art galleries in the Twin Cities area.

Other: Magazines are also distributed in various Twin Cities locations, such as coffee shops, reception areas, public libraries and other venues open to the public.

The Benefits of Advertising with TOSCA

Numerous studies have concluded the superior value of magazines over other forms of advertising media:

Who are TOSCA Readers?

Active Retirees
Twin Cities Homeowners
Professionals Who Enjoy the Arts & Culture
Young Adults

5 Myths About Advertising

Click here for a PDF download on the 5 Myths About Advertising.

How to advertise with TOSCA?

Look over the advertising rate sheet with the link below. If you are interested in advertising with TOSCA, please contact us with our online form or give us a call at (612) 481-3206

Advertising Rate Sheet

"€œI wanted to let you know 2 things...the exposure in your arts magazine has been truly valuable!!! I know for a fact this is why I have been selling more paintings! 
And, I had a truly surprising sale this past weekend. A woman bought my painting... saw the Spring 2016 issue of Exploring Tosca!! And this is how she found me!"

-Robert L., Artist

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