“Anita’s”, 3 x 4 ft., oil on canvas“Anita’s”, 3 x 4 ft., oil on canvas

Beki Powell

NY Artist of the Year 2017



Beki Powell is a multi-media artist and DJ, born and raised in New York. Her artwork ranges from oil paintings to large-scale installations, often marked by vivid, dreamy color palates and heavily defined imagery. You may notice a theme of reflections in her work. She loves to capture the parallel visual universes created when imagery is reflected. Somewhere in translation, these beautiful little details you never knew existed, arbitrary interactions of light and color generated by Mother Nature, suddenly come to life. A reflection is an image that is transformed into something surreal, a new world that never existed before–a dreamscape. Beki continues to explore this phenomenon in her work. Feel free to allow your paths to intersect her’s; her doors are always open and welcoming.

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