“Piano Blues”, 19 inches round, watercolor“Piano Blues”, 19 inches round, watercolor

Dot Bardarson

AK Artist of the Year 2011–2012





Dot Bardarson is a leader in the world of Alaskan arts. She served on the Alaska State Council on the Arts for six years. Watercolor is her favorite medium. Her two current styles reflect working in the studio and in plein air.

To date, the Alaska’s Percent for Art Program has commissioned 18 works.

She was recently named “Queen of Arts” by the Seward Arts Council, not only where she designed 13 sets for plays, but for acting as well, and for her leadership in making Seward the Mural Capital of Alaska. (She was master artist for 3 of the murals, and has painted on all of them.) Her 59 prints and many giclees can be ordered from her website.

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