“Symphony”, 24 x 18 inches; mixed media, acrylic and paper on board“Symphony”, 24 x 18 inches; mixed media, acrylic and paper on board

Elizabeth Warren-Boulton

DC Artist of the Year 2018



Her goal is to create semi-abstract images that allow viewers to engage in some way with what they see. She works to capture the essence of her subject by combining linear aspects with layers of jewel-like color. Layering color results in unique and varied visual effects. Her current mixed media paintings incorporate acrylic paint, ink, glitter, and paper on canvas or board. She is particularly inspired by the work of Japanese masters from the Edo period such as Ogata Korin and Sakai Hoitsu who created such elegant masterpieces often depicting the change of seasons. She finds the work of Henri Matisse and contemporary artists Stephen Quiller and Robert Kushner very stimulating through their use of color, design, and line.

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