“Eve and Lilith in the Garden”, 66 x 108 inches, oil on canvas“Eve and Lilith in the Garden”, 66 x 108 inches, oil on canvas

Geneva Costa

SD Artist of the Year 2012–2013




My work explores the relationship between the female body and contemporary cultural, political,and societal manifestations of gender. These autobiographical paintings use allegory to illustrate a greater narrative: I examine religion’s role in the depiction of women and often draw on art historical portrayals of the female nude. Visual cues point the viewer towards ideas surrounding the history of women in art: gender identity, religious and political ideologies governing the rights, roles and responsibilities of the sexes. I choose ambiguity of symbolism to allow a broad reach for my images, as I wish to open dialogue on difficult topics surrounding the conceptual underpinnings of my work. Aestheticized and nuanced visual cues offer insight on the dialogue I strive to elicit about the ideas that compel me to paint.

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