“Lunch at Rittenhouse Square”, 16 x 20 inches, acrylic“Lunch at Rittenhouse Square”, 16 x 20 inches, acrylic

Grace Zambelli, PhD., A.T.R.-B.C.

NJ Artist of the Year 2017



Grace Zambelli is a NJ Licensed Psychologist and an art therapist who has keen interest in art, psychology and helping others. She has melded a professional career and a personal life that have combined these passions.

Grace uses acrylics and pastels to capture the mood and nuances of everyday life. Her work in bereavement counseling has propelled her to create art that affirms the consistent, positive details that are often overlooked in one’s hectic, sometimes overwhelming life.

Grace is an associate artist at the Noyes Museum and the Riverfront Renaissance. She has exhibited at numerous galleries in New Jersey. To see a complete listing of Grace’s shows and paintings go to

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