“Light Shaft • Magnolia”, 2016, 36 x 36 inches, oil on linen“Light Shaft • Magnolia”, 2016, 36 x 36 inches, oil on linen

Kim Alemian

MA Artist of the Year 2018



Award-winning artist Kim Alemian attended Massachusetts College of Art and Boston University where she studied with George Nick, David Aronson and Graham Nickson.

Alemian’s oil paintings reflect the way light streams in her studio at varying angles in during the course of the year. Observing how objects and space change each minute the level of light moves across the plane, she is mesmerized by the way light transforms whatever it hits to make it exceptional. Process and exploration is at the heart of her work as it develops through reworking, redrawing, turning the substrate, imposing images on top, scraping, sanding, adding and subtracting media.

She resides in the coastal Boston area with her husband where she maintains her studio.

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