“Thunderbird”, 10.25 x 14 inches, watercolor“Thunderbird”, 10.25 x 14 inches, watercolor

Martha H. Tisdale

GA Artist of the Year 2017


Martha Tisdale creates art from an inherent desire to express visually that which she sees in life around her. Color, the effects of light and shadow, the tension between shapes or figure and their surroundings are expressions she wishes to record for others to share through her eyes. Her magnets are the visual aspects of everyday life, wishing to convey the beauty in ordinary things: landscapes such as gardens, ponds, vistas and figurative works.

Tisdale’s media ranges from watercolor, acrylic, oil, to pastel and crayon. Each medium is chosen for its characteristics: watercolor to express quick and fluid characteristics, acrylics for quick drying, oil for blendable color variations, and pastel or crayon for strong linear marks. Her style is not to be photo-representational, but to create a painting of recognizable subjects which give one glimpses of life where we are at the present moment.

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