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Nanci Fulmek

Instagram @NanciFulmekArt

Nanci Fulmek had always loved and drawn horses. In 2009 she completed five years of study in classical realism which involved over 7500 hours of intense training at a prestigious school in Minneapolis, MN. At The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art she mastered the classical realism values and American impressionism color accuracy. She currently works as a full-time portrait and equine artist. She feels very grateful to have found a profession where she can combine her two greatest passions: painting and horses. Her originals are collected internationally.

Nanci was born in Italy, then came to Minnesota when she was eight months old. As long as she could remember, she’d always loved horses. She grew up in the city and the closest thing to having a horse was to draw them. Her career as an artist started similar to many, with drawing on the walls of her bedroom at the age of two.

At the age of 16, she received her first “real” commission. Real meaning not from any family or friends. Charlie was a thoroughbred race horse owner and wanted her to draw a picture of his horse after seeing her doodling horses while she was at work. This kicked off her career. Before she knew it, there were many horse trainers, breeders and owners, contacting her about drawing their horse, too. It was a great part time job to have while she was in school.

Once Nanci got out of college and was working in the “real” world, (real meaning what people expect you to do), she gave up her art to work in the world of business. Once again, someone saw her doodling at work, and again she was pulled back into drawing horse portraits, this time in pastel. She was regularly doing portraits in pastel, everything from horses to racing pigeons. She always looked forward to the next portrait, as she had so much fun with each one.

Searching for an art school was harder than she thought. Nanci wanted a school that could teach her to draw a more realistic-looking horse. None of the schools she encountered focused on realism until she found The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art. She is currently teaching “The Art of Selling Your Art” as the marketing instructor at The Atelier.

Who would have ever thought a little girl who was drawing horses on her bedroom wall would have turned into a full-time career artist? What more could a little girl ask for?

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