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Exploring TOSCA is the region’s only Arts By Category magazine and the most comprehensive directory of arts events in the Twin Cities. Exploring TOSCA is a magazine/directory dedicated to exploring the arts activities made available to Minnesotans, particularly in the Twin Cities area. Arts events are listed by category or theme and include, but are not limited to, Theatre, Opera, Shakespeare, Culture and Art.

The magazine is published quarterly allowing you to plan three months in advance. In addition to grouping arts events by category, events are also categorized by weekend. Exploring TOSCA magazine is currently on hiatus. Please check back in 2020.

Current Issue:

View the Spring-Summer 2018 Issue

Current Table of Contents

Exploring TOSCA Highlights

  • is a print magazine that is published quarterly -
  • features local artists -
  • includes more theatre events than any other magazine in the area -
  • has one featured artist in each issue with that artist's work on the cover -
  • costs only $25 per year for a subscription -
  • includes events categorized by topic/theme and by weekend, making it easy to find what you're looking for -
  • is the perfect gift for new residents, dating couples, empty nesters, retirees or parents looking for family activities -
  • the only comprehensive arts events guide in the Twin Cities.

Efforts are made to include events based solely on content of production or performance as opposed to popularity, size or advertising budget of arts’ entity. A basic description is provided about content of arts events so the reader has a general idea of what to expect.


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